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A Better Way - Signed Limited Edition Transparent Teal Vinyl

A Better Way - Signed Limited Edition Transparent Teal Vinyl

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Limited edition Signed 1st pressing of A Better Way on a gorgeous transparent teal vinyl (140 g Crystal Blue Curaçao, to be exact.). Only 200 available! It sounds incredible and looks amaze balls on your mantle or your wall, if you’re one of those legends who buys vinyl but doesn't have a record player! The vinyl album contains a 4 page booklet with lyrics for all songs + liner notes. Manufactured in Paris, France.

"There’s no true environmentally sound solution to producing vinyl records. After months of research into the options, given global supply chain issues and up to a year-long delay in delivery times, the best option for A Better Way was to go with an energy efficient manufacturer who creates as little waste as possible, and who was based in Europe to reduce delivery distance. The 140g weight was chosen to reduce PVC needs without jeopardising sound quality and the exterior is packaged in 100% compostable film that meets EN13432 standards. Each vinyl album sold is offset with a carbon credit."

Side A


The Basics 

Obsolete (feat. Precious Okpaje) 

Gone In A Minute (feat. J Smith)

Calm Down (feat. Jess Kav) 

Lesson Learned (feat. Faye O’Rourke) 

Side B

Just For One Day (feat. Melina Malone) 

What Are We Doing? 

Nothing But You (feat. Tolü Makay) 

Out My Hands 

A Better Way (feat. Carly Coonagh)

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